About the Artists

From calendars, greeting cards, fine art prints on metal & canvas, along with a line of jewelry, the Root River Photography team is bringing you the best we have to offer. Located in northern Minnesota, Heidi, Tom & Jason each have different ways of capturing intriguing photographs you’ll want to admire for years to come. Their northern lights, wildlife and landscapes will have you longing for more. View their collections in the Gallery of Images, and follow along on social media. Their work is sure to keep you captivated!


Photographer Heidi Pinkerton sees wonder in the world around her and she’s determined to share that vision through her art. Specializing in photographing the Aurora borealis and based on the edge of true wilderness in northern Minnesota, Heidi uses more than a decade of professional experience and a lifetime of intuition to create indelible images of wildlife and wild skies.

Heidi Pinkerton of Root River Photography at Listening Point

But it’s nightfall that truly awakens Heidi. With loons and wolves as her natural accompanists, there she finds endless inspiration to create evocative portraits of the night sky.

Heidi is the owner of Root River Photography. Her images can be found in a variety of publications and her fine art prints hang in homes around the world.

Photographer at the International Wolf Center

Photographer at John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

Current Exhibition: MOOSE OF THE BOLD NORTH at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota

Tom Pinkerton is a Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems, working with the Photoshop team. His love of the outdoors combined with his technology experience drove him to produce high quality outdoor recreation maps for print, digital and software media through his company Quiet Wild. As an avid hiker and paddler, Tom has come across some of the most beautiful landscapes this country has to offer and documents his experiences with images that make you feel as if you are right there. 


Sax-Zim Bog photographer, Jason Mandich emerges from the woods with striking images of nature. Living alongside this habitat has provided Jason with endless opportunities to capture the flora and fauna of the area. His knack for finding residential and migratory birds, with a specialty in seeking out the illusive Great Gray Owl has enthusiasts following his work from around the world. Jason’s images have been published in books and magazines, and are a staple in the Sax-Zim Bog annual calendar.