Schedule of Events

May 2018 - April 2020

MOOSE of the BOLD NORTH Exhibition
Featuring the photography of Tom & Heidi Pinkerton.

Currently packed away until the beginning of May while a new display is installed where the Wolves and Humans exhibit had been.

International Wolf Center
1369 Hwy 169
Ely, Minnesota 55731



March 30, 2019
Focus on the Night Sky
Understanding the basics of nighttime photography takes a different skill set than simply pressing the shutter when there is daylight to capture. This day-long presentation will be filled with stories of what goes into making the images from start to finish. From a basic understanding of space weather to what to make images of in the night sky, Heidi will be sharing how she captures the magic of the night. A light lunch will be provided during this program.
This is a hands-on workshop designed to help you learn the basics of your camera, and how to create the images you desire. Bring your camera, manual, tripod, cable release, batteries, and CF/SD cards! We’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice on focusing techniques, along with a light lunch mid-day.